AniForte natural chicken feed - 3kg

AniForte natural chicken feed is a complete feed for chickens

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Size: 3kg
  • AniForte natural chicken feed

    AniForte natural chicken feed is a complete feed for chickens.

    • All-round care for chickens
    • High-quality, regional raw materials
    • Fresh, natural taste thanks to oregano oil
    • Supports the immune and digestive system

    Natural chicken feed

    Complete feed for a holistic diet - Balanced and rich in nutrients

    AniForte natural chicken feed is a purely natural complete feed for chickens. It covers the daily nutritional requirements and supports the healthy development of the animals. The carefully produced chicken feed mixture strengthens the digestive system and the general health of chickens.

    • For a balanced diet
    • Perfectly balanced feed
    • Whole grain-cereal combination
    • With high-quality herbal mixture
    • Feeding chickens with a nutrient-rich feed mix

    Our chicken feed consists of numerous selected raw materials such as maize, sunflower seeds, linseed meal and fine parts of rosehip shells and moringa. The complete feed is manufactured in a product-friendly manner and is partly crushed or ground. It therefore has the optimum grain size so that the animals can easily pick up the individual feed components.

    AniForte Natural Chicken Feed is a complete feed carefully tailored to the needs of chickens. It is refined with natural oregano oil, which supports the chicken organism from the inside out against germs, fungi and bacteria. We particularly recommend our chicken feed with the natural feed supplement AniForte Mineral Vital, for hard eggshells and healthy plumage.

    AniForte products are developed in close cooperation with veterinary practitioners, nutrition experts and vets to support the healthy development of your animal.