Dr. Weyrauch Quantum Iodine (Human) - 120capsules

Dr. Weyrauch Quantum Iodine (Human) is a high-dose iodine preparation in which natural iodine from seaweed extract has been incorporated into a pleasant herbal formulation.

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  • Dr. Weyrauch Quantum Iodine (Human) - 120 capsules

    Dr.Weyrauch Quantum Iodine (Human) is an essential trace element of particular importance for the thyroid gland. However, this is only one aspect, because every cell in the body needs Quantum Iodine. Iodine contributes to normal energy metabolism, normal cognition and the functioning of the nervous system and skin. Iodine must be ingested with food. As the iodine content in the soil is low, agricultural products contain very little iodine. The daily requirement of iodine is currently estimated at 200µg per day according to the recommendations of the DGE (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung e.V.). A sufficient amount of iodine can only be obtained by eating sea fish or algae. Haddock, for example, contains 135µg of iodine per 100g, whereas pike or carp, as freshwater fish, contain almost no iodine. So if you eat 200g of sea fish a day, you probably don't need to worry about your daily iodine intake. Algae can also be a reliable source of iodine, so that lovers of sushi are clearly favored. Covering iodine requirements with milk or dairy products is questionable in principle. Other foods are also not normally sufficient to cover iodine requirements. Iodized salt can help to improve iodine intake, but the good calculator will easily realize that trying to replace fish intake with iodized salt would mean increasing daily salt intake significantly (iodized salt contains around 15 to 25 µg of iodine per gram of salt). However, if you are not a fish lover or even a vegetarian or vegan, you should definitely find out how you intend to cover your future iodine requirements. Quantum Iodine is a high-dose iodine supplement in which natural iodine from seaweed extract has been incorporated into a pleasant herbal formula. The formula with caraway, fennel and peppermint is well tolerated. The product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

  • Composition
  • (400mg per capsule)

    Caraway powder 24%, fennel powder 23%, kelp (0.5% iodine) 23%, peppermint powder 12%, capsule shell: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose

  • Nutritional values per recommended daily intake:
  • (RM (%): Reference quantity (for the average adult) according to LMIV/VO1169/EC)

    Iodine from kelp extract 450µg (300% RM)

  • Recommended use
  • 1 capsule of 400mg per day. Consume after or with food.

    Warning: Food supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Keep out of reach of children. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.

    Capsule shell: hydroxypropyl methylcellulose

    Out of consideration for customers who are vegetarians or vegans, we have opted for cellulose for the capsule shells. In capsules made from hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, the cellulose is processed in such a way that it softens and becomes porous in the stomach or when it comes into contact with moisture, so that the contents of the capsule can escape. The cellulose is not digested but excreted as "dietary fiber".