AniForte AgilityVET Joint Dog Tablets - 120pcs.

AniForte AgilityVET Joint Dog Tablets to support the joints, tendons & ligaments.

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  • AniForte AgilityVET Joint Dog Tablets

    AniForte AgilityVET joint dog tablets to support the joints, tendons & ligaments AniForte AgilityVET joint tablets for dogs can support dogs in a natural way thanks to the optimum supply of the raw materials they contain, such as collagen and devil's claw. Special features of AniForte AgilityVET Joint Dog Tablets For maintaining healthy joints Optimal combination of high-quality and natural ingredients Supports the metabolism in joints, tendons and ligaments AniForte AgilityVET is made up of various raw materials that can have a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system. A study has shown that collagen peptides, which are contained in collagen powder, can demonstrably contribute to maintaining healthy joints. How does devil's claw help dogs? It has been confirmed that the combination of the glycosides harpagoside and harpagide contained in devil's claw can support the metabolism in joints, tendons and ligaments. AniForte AgilityVET joint tablets for dogs have been proven to help maintain the normal agility of your four-legged friend! And this is how devil's claw helps your dog! In addition to the effect of the product, the quality of the raw materials used is also an important point. The collagen powder we use for our joint tablets for dogs is made from Norwegian sea fish, which is obtained exclusively from wild catches. As these collagen peptides are less cross-linked than those from grazing animals, the body has to do less conversion work to absorb and process them. The recipe is also grain-free and contains no additives or fillers. This means you get a completely natural product with high-quality ingredients for your pet. Thousands of happy customers have trusted AniForte AgilityVET Joint Dog Tablets for years. The incomparable taste is particularly appreciated thanks to the addition of licorice root. As a result, our product enjoys a high level of acceptance, so that the grain-free joint dog tablets can simply be given as a snack. We attach particular importance to the natural origin and quality of all our products and their raw materials, including the main ingredients collagen and devil's claw. The well-being of dogs and their owners is our top priority in all our endeavors and especially, of course, in product development.

  • Composition
  • 46.87 % collagen powder from sea fish, green-lipped mussel powder, 7.50 % devil's claw root ground (1.3 % harpagoside), frankincense ground, 4.68 % licorice root cut, omega-3 fish meal

    Analytical constituents

    Crude ash 6.87 %, crude fiber 2.46 %, crude protein 50.91 %, crude fat 8.15 %

  • Feeding recommendation
  • Dogs per 10 kg: 1 tablet daily

    The joint tablets for dogs have a high level of acceptance and can easily be fed as a treat. For small dogs, the tablets can also be divided in the middle for easier feeding. If required, the daily feeding recommendation can also be doubled.


    Please store in a cool, dry place away from light.