AniForte Barf-Line - Vegetable-Herb Variety - 1kg

AniForte Vegetable Herb Variety with high-quality herbs and vegetables ideal for barfing.

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  • AniForte Vegetable Herb Variety - 1kg

    AniForte Vegetable and Herb Variety is a gently dried mixture of local herbs and vegetable flakes for dogs. The grain-free composition is a vital, nutrient-dense supplement for dogs - ideal for barfing or mixing with tinned meat.

    The exquisite combination of our BARF herbs for dogs consists of carrot and pea flakes as well as selected herbs. Careful drying and airtight packaging protect the valuable, natural ingredients of the best vegetables and natural herbs. The BARF vegetable mix for dogs also keeps fresh for longer, providing your pet with valuable nutrients.

    The daily food ration is enhanced by the gently dried vegetables and herbs from the home garden and tastes particularly good to your dog.

    Thousands of happy customers have trusted our BARF herbs for dogs for years. They particularly appreciate the good digestibility and the resulting high level of acceptance.

    BARF herbs for dogs in combination with vegetable flakes for dogs are a proven supplement to a complete raw meat diet and provide the animal with all the important vitamins and minerals it needs for its daily requirements.

  • Composition
  • 40 % carrot flakes, 36 % pea flakes, alfalfa pellets, herb mixture (chopped ginger root, whole caraway seeds, whole fenugreek seeds, sweet fennel, chopped rosehip fruits, chopped milk thistle, chopped rosemary leaves, chopped thyme, finely chopped camomile), 2 % chopped nettle herb, grated parsley

    Analytical constituents:

    • Crude protein 15.57 %
    • crude fat 1.48 %
    • crude fiber 14,66 %
    • Crude ash 6.45 %
    • Residual moisture 1.74 %

    Nutritional analysis* (per 100 g):

    • Vitamin A 6.45 mg
    • Vitamin B 4.22 mg
    • Vitamin C 20.2 mg
    • Vitamin E 1.5 mg
    • Calcium 163.3 mg
    • Phosphorus 249.9 mg
    • Magnesium 50.6 mg

    *The analysis values are subject to the usual fluctuations in natural products

  • Feeding recommendation:
    • Puppies: approx. 75 % meat and 25 % flakes
    • Adult dogs: approx. 66% meat and 34% flakes
    • Old dogs: approx. 45% meat and 55% flakes

    Please mix our BARF vegetable mix for dogs with some warm water or broth 20 minutes before feeding, allow to cool and mix with high-quality fresh or canned meat - this results in a soothing and tasty meal. The addition of a vitamin-mineral mixture is also recommended.

    100 g of dried vegetable flakes for dogs correspond to approx. 250 g of swollen flakes.

    Daily requirement:

    Up to 40 % of the daily ration


    Store in a cool, dry place away from light.