AniForte organic hemp oil - 500ml

AniForte Organic Hemp Oil is therefore particularly suitable as a feed supplement for pets and farm animals.

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  • AniForte Organic Hemp Oil

    AniForte Organic Hemp Oil gently cold-pressed quality for dogs and cats.
    For skin & hair and to support the immune system. A high-quality vegetable oil for the daily care of your pet. It provides your four-legged friend with important nutrients and supports the immune system and the appearance of the coat and skin in a natural way. The high-quality natural product is particularly useful for dogs and cats that are fed raw meat (BARF) as an excellent support for a balanced diet.

    • To maintain the immune system
    • Supports the appearance of the skin and coat
    • Suitable as an ideal supplement to barfing
    • Is often used as support for temporary complaints
    • Contains no THC

    AniForte Organic Hemp Oil is a fatty vegetable oil made from the seeds of hemp (Cannabis sativa). It therefore contains no intoxicating substances that affect the nervous system. Hemp oil is highly bioavailable and has a high content of essential fatty acids, such as linoleic acid (omega-6) and α-(alpha-)linolenic acid (omega-3). Linoleic acid is involved in a variety of biological functions and plays an important role in cell growth, the immune system and reproduction. In addition, essential fatty acids support the normal development of the skin. The use of hemp products has proven to be particularly effective in maintaining the immune system and joint function in animals. AniForte organic hemp oil is a useful support for the immune system, metabolism and coat and skin condition. A shiny coat and vital skin are maintained with AniForte organic hemp oil. The vegetable oil comes from controlled, organic cultivation and is gently cold-pressed. It is sourced from the Netherlands and can be used for dogs and cats as an ideal addition to barfing.

    Thousands of happy customers have trusted AniForte organic hemp oil for years. The valuable, light green oil is particularly appreciated due to its slightly nutty taste and the high level of acceptance that goes with it.

  • Ingredients
  • Hemp oil* (omega-6 fatty acids: linoleic acid 55.77 %, omega-3 fatty acids: α-linolenic acid 18.33 %)

    (*from organic farming)

    Analytical constituents

    Crude fat 92.0 %, crude protein 0.0 %, crude fiber 0.0 %

    Technological additives

    natural antioxidant

  • Feeding recommendation
    • Dogs per 10 kg: 1 teaspoon daily
    • Cats: ¼ teaspoon daily

    The oil can simply be mixed into the food every day.

    In the case of cold-pressed oils, there may be a deposit at the bottom of the bottle. Shake well before use.


    Store in a cool, dry place away from light. This hemp oil does not contain any intoxicating substances. Exposure to sunlight can change the color of the hemp oil.