AniForte CollaMove - 250g

AniForte CollaMove dog made from marine collagen peptides for more mobility and vitality.

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  • AniForte CollaMove

    AniForte Coll aMove made from marine collagen peptides for more mobility and vitality.

    Natural collagen extracted from Norwegian cod is the secret of AniForte CollaMove Dog. It helps to prevent deficiency symptoms that can lead to degenerative joint changes. AniForte CollaMove dog also has a supportive effect on bones, tendons and muscles. Thanks to its particularly high bioavailability, it is absorbed directly into the bloodstream in the intestinal mucosa and transported to where it can develop its activities, to the cartilage, muscles, bones and tendons.

    AniForte CollaMove Dog is tasteless and is simply mixed with the daily feed. It is also ideal for allergy sufferers.
    Functioning joints and intact cartilage are the prerequisite for agility well into old age. Support your dog's musculoskeletal system with marine collagen peptides, which are contained in AniForte CollaMove dog. These are free from additives and come from cod from controlled wild catches. AniForte CollaMove® dog is obtained exclusively from the skin of deep-sea cod (Gadus morhua), which comes from the crystal-clear waters of the North Atlantic. This results in a product of exceptional quality. AniForte CollaMove Dog is also characterized by its low molecular weight, which leads to improved digestibility and increased bioavailability.

    Our marine collagen peptides have an average molecular weight of 3 kDa and 6 kDa. The 3 kDa variant has smaller peptide particles and a lower molecular weight and therefore better bioavailability than the 6 kDa variant. AniForte CollaMove Dog is therefore better absorbed by the body than conventional collagen hydrolysate.

    Collagen peptides obtained from fish are also attracting more and more attention.
    They are highly digestible and ideally suited as a supplementary food for your dog from the age of 13 months. Our marine collagen peptides correspond to the natural cartilage structure, which serves as a buffer between the joints. The particularly high bioavailability of AniForte CollaMove dog encourages the production of new cartilage mass in the joints.

    Marine collagen can be absorbed much faster by the organism, so its bioavailability is superior to that of collagen obtained from pork and beef.

    Our product is also particularly suitable for those who, for other reasons, do not wish to use collagen from pig and cattle farming for their pet.

    How can my dog benefit from AniForte CollaMove dog?

    for older dogs

    • enjoyment of exercise again
    • easier to get up
    • easier to climb stairs
    • better agility for longer walks
    • better general condition and new zest for life
    • Optimized condition, additional energy and increased play instinct

    for more active dogs

    • More mobility and flexibility
    • Support of joint functions
    • Increased performance potential
    • improved muscle function
    • to support young growing dogs

    Further advantages of AniForte CollaMove dog

    • genuine food quality
    • no side effects even with long-term administration
    • 100% pure natural fish collagen peptide from high-quality wild fish
    • natural raw materials harvested from the crystal-clear waters of the North Atlantic
    • virtually tasteless and odorless, therefore particularly high acceptance
    • good and fast solubility
    • protein content of more than 90
    • bio-available protein that is easy to digest
    • free from artificial additives and preservatives
    • MSC-approved raw materials - from sustainable fisheries
    • German quality product
    • economical to use
    • without additives, colorants, synthetic flavors