AniForte ground horse bones - 500g

AniForte ground horse bones are suitable for dogs and cats of all ages and are a valuable feed supplement to support species-appropriate (raw) feeding.

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  • AniForte ground horse bones

    AniForte ground horse bone is suitable for dogs and cats of all ages and is a valuable feed supplement to support species-appropriate (raw) feeding. The high-quality natural product is made from pure horse bones and can help to support the natural bone structure of your four-legged friend. The calcium contained in the bones can maintain health and slow down bone loss.

    • Contains high-quality natural calcium 100% from horse bones to maintain joint stability
    • Prevents nutritional deficiency symptoms
    • Optimal, original supplement to the daily (raw) feed or cooked food
    • Particularly suitable in growth phases, during pregnancy or at senior age for nutritionally sensitive animals & allergy sufferers

    AniForte BARF-Line Ground Horse Bones has a very good bioavailability due to the processing of 100 % pure horse bones, supports the nutrient balance of your four-legged friend and is a natural source of calcium. The finely ground powder is ideal as a calcium substitute for dogs and cats that cannot tolerate raw bones or where bone feeding is not possible. AniForte BARF-Line Ground Horse Bones is an ideal and natural alternative as a bone substitute, especially for animals with a food intolerance or allergy.

    Supplementation of ground bones is recommended for the daily diet of dogs and cats with fresh meat (B.A.R.F.), canned pure meat or cooked food and enhances the meals.

    Puppies and kittens in particular, which are still growing, need more calcium to support bone development. Pregnant animals also need more calcium, as they also have to supply other living creatures with this essential mineral. In older animals, bone loss processes are already advanced, which is why an increased intake of calcium can help to slow down these processes.

  • Composition
  • Processed animal protein ground (from fresh horse bones) (14.4 % calcium, 6.65 % phosphorus)

    Analytical constituents:

    Crude protein 46.2 %, crude fat 11.0 %, crude ash 39.1 %, moisture 4.1 %

  • Feeding recommendation
  • The powder can simply be mixed into the daily feed (1 dosing spoon corresponds to 2 g). The amount should be reduced or omitted accordingly when feeding bones at the same time. The stated daily requirement is only a recommendation and may vary.

    Requirements for adult dogs:

    Dogs up to 5 kg: 3 g daily

    Dogs up to 10 kg: 5 g daily

    Dogs up to 15 kg: 7 g daily

    Dogs up to 20 kg: 9 g daily

    Dogs up to 25 kg: 11 g daily

    Dogs up to 30 kg: 13 g daily

    Puppies/young dogs up to 6 months approx. 2 - 2.5 g per kilo of body weight. Large dogs from 6 months to 12 months approx. 1.5 g per kilo of body weight. The calcium requirement of a growing dog is individual and depends on body weight, age, current weight and final weight.

    Requirements for adult cats:

    Cats up to 2 kg: 0.5 g daily

    Cats up to 4 kg: 1 g daily

    Cats up to 8 kg: 2 g daily


    Store in a cool, dry place. Delivery incl. dosing spoon