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AniForte Deer Antler is the new natural chewing fun for your dog.

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  • AniForte deer antlers

    AniForte Deer Antler is the new natural chew for your dog. The firm and robust shape of the antlers makes them suitable as a permanent chew. The chews do not splinter, are low in fat and are particularly suitable for allergy sufferers or dogs with intolerances thanks to their 100% natural composition. Deer antlers not only provide your dog with plenty of entertainment, they can also have a positive and cleansing effect on their teeth. The antlers are not only super tasty, long-lasting and contain no artificial additives, they also contain natural minerals.

    Supports stress reduction and relaxation through long-lasting chewing fun

    • The firm consistency has a positive effect on dental health, promotes chewing muscles and can reduce tartar.
    • Also perfect for sensitive animals with allergies or intolerances.
    • 100 % natural chew sticks without colorants, flavorings or preservatives.

    AniForte Highland Deer Antler is untreated and is made from the shedding sticks of male deer (red deer), a product of nature! Please always provide your dog with fresh water and only feed the antlers under supervision.