AniForte Premium Colostrum - 100g

AniForte Premium Colostrum is a high-quality straight feed for daily feed supplementation.

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  • AniForte Premium Colostrum - 100g

    AniForte Premium Colostrum for dogs and cats is obtained from the first milk of the cow and is a high-quality straight feeding stuff for daily feed supplementation. Gently dried and defatted, our colostrum is used in cats and dogs in particular to support a normal immune system and to maintain an intact gastrointestinal tract. Colostrum for dogs & cats - with a high immunoglobulin G value of 23.3 % (antibodies) Supports your pet's immune system. Obtained from the milk of the first day.

    What is colostrum for dogs and cats? Colostrum is rich in valuable nutrients, especially in the first few days after birth. Immune-strengthening antibodies, so-called immunoglobulins, are passed on to the newborn and help to build up the immune system and the gastrointestinal tract. This unique composition of colostrum differs fundamentally from mature milk and is only available in the first few days after birth.

    Colostrum for dogs - 100 % natural

    Extracted from 100 % bovine colostrum, gently dried and defatted, AniForte Premium Colostrum provides dogs and cats with the best ingredients from their first milk. The natural product can help to maintain the immune system. Studies have also shown that supplementation with bovine colostrum can help with temporary gastrointestinal disorders.

    Colostrum for cats - with high acceptance

    AniForte Premium Colostrum for cats and dogs enjoys a high level of acceptance and is developed in collaboration with veterinary practitioners, nutritional experts and vets.

  • Composition
  • De-fatted colostrum powder

    Analytical constituents:

    Crude protein 67,4 %

  • Feeding recommendation
  • Dogs per 10 kg: 1 g daily

    Cats: 1 g daily

    (1 dosing spoon corresponds to 1 g)

    Colostrum for cats and dogs can simply be added to food or drinking water. If added to the drinking water, make sure that it is consumed on the same day.


    Please do not heat the powder. Store in a cool, dry place away from light.

    Straight feeding stuff for dogs & cats