AniForte RanchHorse - 400g

AniForte RanchHorse is an extra digestible light diet menu for all discerning gourmets.

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  • AniForte RanchHorse

    AniForte RanchHorse is an extra digestible light meal for all discerning gourmets. It is particularly suitable for nutritionally sensitive and sensitive dogs of all breeds with their special requirements.

    The unique composition of nutritious horse meat and easily digestible vegetables such as sweet potato and parsnip, rounded off with juicy apples, pampers sensitive dog stomachs. A wholesome and particularly gentle delicacy - for dogs with a sensitive gastrointestinal tract.

    AniForte PureNature wet food is a high quality single-protein complete food for dogs in super-premium quality - produced in Germany according to food standards. The secret of our quality is the many fresh and high-quality meats that we use for AniForte PureNature. We take a close look at the high quality of our ingredients and subject them to regular veterinary checks! However, control alone is not the only guarantee of our high quality standards: we source the meat and other ingredients almost exclusively from producers with whom we have been working in a spirit of trust for many years. The ingredients are processed as quickly as possible to preserve their freshness and natural vitamins. All valuable ingredients are almost completely preserved in this way - this is how we ensure good nutrition and it also tastes particularly good.

    Because your pet's well-being is very important to us, AniForte guarantees that you will never find dubious additives in our wet food line:

    • no molded meat
    • no bone meal
    • no attractants
    • no added grain
    • no protein substitutes such as soy
    • no artificial colors
    • no artificial flavors
    • no EC additives
    • no preservatives
  • Ingredients
  • 60 % horse (consisting of horse offal, horse meat, horse heart) plus 27.8 % broth, 5.0 % sweet potatoes, 4.0 % parsnips, 2.0 % apples, 0.3 % eggshell powder, 0.1 % camomile, 0.1 % fennel seeds, 0.1 % parsley, 0.1 % grated coconut, 0.1 % hemp oil, 0.1 % evening primrose oil, 0.1 % silica, 0.1 % omega-3 fish meal, 0.1 % seaweed lime

    Analytical ingredients:

    10.0 % protein, 4.9 % fat content, 1.9 % crude ash, 0.5 % crude fiber, 76.0 % moisture

    Contains native:

    0.2 % calcium, 0.14 % phosphorus

  • Feeding recommendation
  • Feed approx. 130 g - 200 g per 5 kg body weight per day.


    Please always feed at room temperature and store in the refrigerator after opening. Specifications are guidelines. Feeding must be adapted to the needs (activity, age, breed, size and health) of the animal. Please always provide sufficient drinking water.