AniForte Tick Shield- 60Tabl - for large dogs

AniForte tick shield for large dogs is a natural defense against ticks and other parasites.

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  • AniForte tick shield for dogs

    AniForte tick shield for large dogs from 35 to 50 kg

    AniForte Tick Shield for largedogs is a natural defense against ticks and other parasites, such as fleas and mites, as an organic feed supplement in practical capsules for dogs and cats or as a powder for horses.

    AniForte ZeckenSchild AniForte ZeckenSchild provides your animal with a special vitamin B complex. This acts like a natural protective shield that wraps itself around the animal's skin and coat and thus reliably repels ticks and other parasites. The vitamin B complex is also characterized by additional health-promoting properties. AniForte Tick Shield causes the skin environment and the smell of the coat to change in a way that is metabolically repellent to ticks and parasites, whereby the smell is imperceptible to the animal and humans.

    AniForte ZeckenSchild also has other positive properties:
    - Builds up healthy skin and a beautiful coat
    - Prevents nutritional vitamin B deficiencies
    - Prevents hair loss and nervous behavior
    - Creates an environment on the skin and coat that is hostile to ticks and parasites in a completely natural way

    Mode of action:
    Ticks, mites, fleas and other parasites are sensitive to odors and only seek out pleasant smelling environments. AniForte Tick Shield creates an unacceptable odor for ticks and parasites, which is not perceptible to the animal or humans and is therefore not perceived as a nuisance, unlike many conventional sprays.

    AniForte Tick Shield is used for prevention and defense and is not suitable for acute flea or mite infestations! In this case we recommend our AniForte Flea-Ex powder.

    AniForte ZeckenSchild activates the natural tick defense from the 2nd day of administration. In rare exceptional cases, possibly in old animals with metabolic problems, the full spectrum of action may be achieved with a delay, possibly only after 1 to 2 weeks. With daily feeding, however, this remains permanent.

    As a pleasant side effect, AniForte® ZeckenSchild ensures a beautiful coat and healthy skin.