Anima-Strath liquid - 250ml

Anima Strath is a natural feed supplement based on high-quality Strath herbal yeast.

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  • Anima Strath liquid

    AnimaStrath is a natural feed supplement based on high-quality Strath herbal yeast. We at are convinced that you will like this Anima Strath and that you will see the results. Thanks to their wholesomeness (more than 60 vital substances), Anima Strath products are a high-quality feed supplement for all needs. They are suitable for pets and farm animals as well as for breeding and sports use.

    Areas of application Anima Strath:

    • Increases the immune system
    • Improves vitality
    • Supports the entire metabolism
    • Helps to achieve a healthy and shiny coat/feathers
    • Promotes balanced growth
    • Helps in stressful situations
    • Strengthens the organism
    • Shortens the recovery phase after sporting activities
    • Maintains health and well-being

    Decisive advantages at a glance:

    • Very good tolerance
    • Free from doping substances
    • Can be administered over a longer period of time

    Production of Anima Strath:
    Natural yeast cells of the "Saccharomyces cerevisiae Meyen" type are used in the production process for Anima Strath supplements. In the special Strath process, the yeast is combined with selected herbal extracts. The subsequent fermentation opens the yeast cells so that their valuable content can be absorbed by the body. The resulting unique Strath herbal yeast contains numerous nutrients and vital substances.

    Anima-Strath contains vegetable protein, fat and carbohydrates as well as 11 vitamins, 19 minerals (including calcium, phosphorus, iron, selenium), 20 amino acids and 11 general nutrients.
    Thanks to its wholesomeness, Anima-Strath is an ideal feed supplement.

    Anima-Strath can be administered directly or mixed with the feed. The following dosages are intended as a basis for healthy animals. The amount can be doubled in the case of increased stress such as breeding, sport and illness etc.

    Anima Strath dosage - animals up to 15 kg

    • Liquid - 1/2 coffee spoon (2.5 ml)

    AnimaStrath dosage - animals, 15-35 kg

    • Liquid - 1 coffee spoon (5 ml)

    AnimaStrath dosage - Animals, 35-50 kg

    • Liquid - 2 coffee spoons (10 ml)

    AnimaStrath dosage - animals over 50 kg

    • Liquid - 1 tablespoon

    Composition Anima Strath liquid:
    Plasmolysed herbal yeast, malt, orange syrup, honey

    Composition Anima Strath granules:
    Plasmolysed herbal yeast, cellulose, glucose

    Composition of Anima Strath tablets:
    Plasmolyzed herbal yeast, cellulose, glucose, pectin, silicon dioxide