AnimalNatura Ostrich liver freeze-dried - 110g

Ostrich liver freeze-dried for your individual feed preparation.

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Size: 110g
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  • AnimalNatura Ostrich liver freeze-dried

    Ostrich liverfreeze-dried for your individual feed preparation.

  • Composition
  • 100% ostrich liver.

    Analytical components of the barf feed:
    Moisture in 2.4%
    Crude ash in 4.5%
    Crude protein in 65.2%
    Crude fat in 19.5%
    Crude fiber in 0.3%

    The amount stated for our product is the freeze-dried amount and will increase to the natural amount when water is added. This must be taken into account in the feed quantity.


    Feeding recommendation
    Freeze-dried quantity x 4 = BARF raw quantity or BARF raw quantity / 4 = freeze-dried quantity

    Preparation of freeze-dried BARF food:
    For a meal, up to 3 ml of water can be added per gram of the freeze-dried quantity and then left to stand for 10 minutes. Alternatively, the freeze-dried food can also be given directly to your pet, in which case we recommend providing additional water.

    Individual preparation of barf food:
    Many barf customers are familiar with this and want to put together their own individual food. You can put together your own personalized food from all AnimalNatura freeze-dried products. Vegetables can also be added.