CME Skin Lotion - 500ml

CME Skin Lotion is a high-quality, dermatologically tested care product on a natural basis.

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  • CME Skin Lotion

    CME SkinLotion is a high-quality, dermatologically tested care product on a natural basis for targeted and prophylactic use. Unlike conventional whey powder products, our whey concentrate is not deprived of any liquid, as this would considerably reduce the ultimate effectiveness of this natural product, which has been known for centuries.
    In a specially developed process, the healing and caring ingredients are put into an inactive state and preserved with their full potential.
    By simply adding water, this process reverses itself later when mixing. The result is a highly effective, long-lasting care product on a natural basis, which has hardly been changed in its composition and is in no way inferior to the freshly produced original.

    Dilute 25 ml of lotion with 0.5 l of water and wash the respective areas twice a day. Do not rub dry. In the 2nd week, apply only once a day. Prophylactic use once a week is recommended. Itching is stopped and the spread of fungi and bacteria is inhibited. If the skin is already damaged, the acid mantle is regenerated and hair growth is stimulated.

    CME Skin Lotion can also be used carefully on summer eczema, open wounds, skin mycoses, dandruff and itching and similar skin irritations and irritations.