Dr. Weyrauch No.11 Top Mash - 600g

Dr. Weyrauch No.12 Otto is a selection of fine leaves, barks and roots that are particularly rich in tannins.

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  • Dr. Weyrauch No.11 Top Mash

    Dr. Weyrauch No.11 TopMashis a selection of fine leaves, barks and roots that are particularly rich in tannins. Plants containing bitter substances have also been specifically used to improve bile flow and liver function. Many of the herbs grow in the forest on particularly acidic soils. Acidic soils also offer the plant better trace element availability. There are many reasons for the development of watery stools and diarrhea in horses. In many cases, these are allergic reactions or sensitivities to various additives in the feed, inflammation or the consequences of stress. Patients should be examined for worm infestation, among other things. Diarrhea that worsens in the fall or at the beginning of the stable season often indicates contaminated basic feed (hay, straw). Feed contaminated with mold fungi, but also silage or haylage can lead to diarrhea and/or watery stool in horses that are sensitive to this. Diarrhea that appears at the beginning of the spring and grazing season indicates metabolic disorders that may be related to an overloaded liver. Watery stools caused by stress should also be countered with a diet rich in trace elements, especially zinc. Diarrhea due to sensitivities caused by additives such as flavorings, preservatives or sweeteners in supplementary feed should be countered with an appropriate diet. The lack of natural tannins in the normal basic feed or the lack of opportunity for the horse to find special leaves, bark, roots and herbs in its environment can be another reason for the development of diarrhea or watery stool. Tannins have an astringent, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral effect and neutralize toxins. They are contained in special parts of plants and have an intestinal care effect.

  • Composition
  • Dried herbs (blackberry leaves, bilberry leaves, raspberry leaves, yarrow, sage, centaury, camomile), dried seeds (milk thistle), dried shells (walnut shells), dried bark (oak bark), dried roots (tormentil root).

    Analytical constituents

    crude protein 8%, crude fat 2%, crude fiber 27%, crude ash 7%, sodium 0%

  • Feeding recommendation
  • Feed 10 to 20g (1 to 2 measuring spoons) per horse per day.

    Please note that pure herbal preparations, especially this valuable recipe, supplement the diet in a very special way, but are no substitute for a mineralization that meets the horse's needs. Please combine this product sensibly with one of our mineral specialties such as No. 1 Alles fliesst, No. 2 Standfest, No. 4 Goldwert, No. 19 Mordskerl or No. 21 Beinhart.