FIX Spray - 10ml

Phytoceuticals FIX Spray enables an "all-in-one" treatment of wounds.

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  • Phytoceuticals FIX Spray

    Phytoceuticals FIX Spray is a wound therapeutic consisting of a specially formulated, synergistically effective combination of neem oil and St. John's wort oil.

    Mode of action:

    Moist wound environment - The oil film promotes a moist wound environment. This activates physiological wound healing and promotes cell proliferation.

    Antimicrobial effect - The fatty acids contained in the oil film have an antimicrobial effect without being cytotoxic and thus inhibiting wound healing.

    Skin regeneration - The oil film and the fatty acids it contains promote the regeneration of the epidermis and support scarring.

    Low-pain dressing change - The oil film prevents the secondary wound dressing from sticking to the wound. This enables atraumatic and painless dressing changes.