Flexineb nebulizer standard - 1pc.

In addition to the control unit, the Flexineb Nebulizer Standard is the heart of the inhaler

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  • Flexineb Nebulizer Standard - 1pc.

    In addition to the control unit, the Flexineb nebulizerstandardis the heart of the inhaler. It is used to nebulize up to 10 ml of medication. The inhalation solution can be expanded by an additional 20 ml in conjunction with the expansion unit.

    Note: The final flow rate depends on many factors (temperature, battery charge, medication, humidity and a few more). Unfortunately, it is not technically possible to narrow this down more precisely at the moment. However, the advantages of vibrating membrane technology, with which considerably more medication can be nebulized, outweigh this fact. Flow rate when new approx. 0.7-1.3 ml/min

    Please note that the nebulizer is a wearing part. When used with 10 ml saline solution, the nebulizer should manage up to 120 applications. If medication or more is administered, wear may occur more quickly. Please inform yourself about the medication that is compatible with the Flexineb before use.