Hay basket Gala II - the robust one

Hay basket Gala II - the robust one, filling height of approx. 70 - 80 cm with a diameter between 55 and 58 cm

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  • Hay basket Gala II

    Available again approx. end of April 2019

    Like our classic "Gala" hay basket, the "Gala II" hay basket has a mesh size of 3 cm, but a cord thickness of 5 mm (instead of 4 mm). The cord is woven extremely tightly and sturdily, resulting in almost double the weight per unit area compared to the standard "Gala" basket. The "Gala II" hay basket is therefore significantly more robust. It is particularly suitable for horses that are already used to hay nets and for horses that like to bite into the nets. The hay basket has a filling height of approx. 70 - 80 cm and a diameter of between 55 and 58 cm. It can therefore hold up to 10 kg of hay.

    Danger warning:

    As with all hay nets, they should not be used for horses with shoes, as there is a theoretical possibility that the horses could get their shoes caught in the net. Otherwise, we recommend hanging the hay basket on the supplied carabiner with a safe gum as an intermediate piece (predetermined breaking point at approx. 70lg). Then, in case of doubt, the hay basket would fall down. We have done some tests to see whether the horses can injure themselves on hay baskets lying on the ground. As the spirals are flexible and the hay basket has no sharp edges, the risk of injury should be largely eliminated. Unfortunately, hay nets are always consumable and subject to wear. The lifespan depends on various factors. Do I have a horse that pulls at the hay net, hits it with its hooves and/or works it with its teeth? Is the hay net hanging on rough objects, a stone wall, a rough wooden wall against which it rubs?

    We can only guarantee that the nets leave our premises intact - not for what your horses do with them.