KerbEX red with garlic - 1L

KerbEX red with garlic for heavy insect infestations. Use this product to repel the Bremen even during the main season.

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  • KerbEX red with garlic - incl. spray head

    KerbEXred with garlic for heavy insect infestations. Use this product to repel Bremen even during the main season.

    What is KerbEX?
    KerbEX is an insect repellent specially developed for horses and consists of 87.5% natural ingredients.
    KerbEX is used to repel all stinging and biting insects. Regular use increases the effect.
    KerbEX does not lose its effect when used correctly while the horse is sweating! You can wash your horse afterwards (without shampoo) without losing the effect.
    KerbEX is characterized by its long duration of action (approx. 12 hours) and its good skin compatibility. The special composition of essential oils greatly reduces the infestation of Bremen, mosquitoes and ticks.

    How should KerbEX be used?
    KerbEX cannot be compared with a conventional insect repellent spray for horses!
    To ensure that you are satisfied with KerbEX and that the product achieves its full effect, you should use KerbEX consistently as follows:
    In the first week, spray a large area daily, even if it rains.
    In the second week, every two days.
    In the third week, every third day.
    After that, use KerbEX only as required. This means that if you observe your horse, only apply KerbEX again when you notice that the insect infestation is increasing again. According to satisfied KerbEX customers, this is usually the case every 2-3 days. It can be a little longer if it rains continuously. The spraying interval should be limited to a maximum of every 12 hours.

    How does KerbEX work?
    Over a period of 3 weeks, the horse's skin is enriched with the natural fragrances of KerbEX and builds up a so-called "depot". The fragrances are then gradually released through the pores as the horse sweats and thus achieve this great effect.
    With this method of application, assuming a medium level of infestation, spraying directly before a ride is often unnecessary.

    Instructions for use:
    KerbEX is only used externally. Shake well before use. KerbEX can be applied using a spray bottle, a sponge or a cloth. Do not apply to open wounds or mucous membranes. Spray interval for heavy infestation: max. every 12 hours. Massage KerbEX lightly into the coat by hand after spraying - this significantly increases the effect. To treat the auricles, e.g. against black flies, rub KerbEX in with a cloth or towel.

    Shelf life / Storage / Contents 1 liter:
    See seal (approx. 14 months). Store in a cool (15 to 25 degrees) and dry place. Protect from direct sunlight.

    Patented composition:
    87.5 natural ingredients. Tea tree, clove, lemon and eucalyptus oil etc.
    Contains the active ingredient Icaridin (12.5% or 125g/L).