KerbEX Special - Oil for rubbing in

KerbEX Special - Oil for rubbing in relieves itching

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  • KerbEX Special - Oil

    KerbEX Special - oil for rubbing in l for rubbing in relieves itching, supports the effect of KerbEX for horses (red, blue, green), pleasant fragrance, particularly suitable for eczema sufferers, prevents sweet itch, reliable protection against black flies, reliable protection against midges, immediate effect without waiting time, very economical.

    What is KerbEX Special?
    KerbEX Special is a skin care oil and supports the effect of KerbEX for horses (red, blue, green). KerbEX Special relieves itching and is particularly suitable for eczema sufferers.
    KerbEX Special is a fine oil for sparingly rubbing into the pinnae and typical sensitive areas such as the base of the tail, hose, fetlock bend, breast seam, belly seam, etc.
    KerbEX Special consists mainly of medically pure white oil and other fragrances such as rice, aniseed and cedarwood oil.

    How is KerbEX Special used?
    Dab the affected areas with a cotton pad, sponge or cloth. One application every 3-4 days should be sufficient. It should be applied very thinly to the affected areas of skin. When applying to the auricle, make sure that the amount applied is sufficient for protection but cannot get onto the eardrum.

    Shelf life / Storage / Contents 100ml:
    2 years. Store in a cool (15 to 20 degrees) anddry place.Protect from direct sunlight.