KerbEX tick protection for dogs - 300ml

KerbEX tick repellent is the natural tick repellent for your dog.

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  • KerbEX tick repellent for dogs - 300ml

    KerbEX Tick Repellent is the natural tick repellent for your dog.

    Manufactured with natural ingredients:
    This product is also manufactured with natural ingredients. KerbEX for dogs, as for horses, consists of 87.5% natural ingredients and keeps the dog virtually tick-free.

    Pleasant fragrance:
    In contrast to KerbEX blue and red for horses, KerbEX for dogs produces a pleasant fragrance. Comparable to KerbEX green for horses. A great side effect - the coat becomes wonderfully soft.

    Instructions for use:
    KerbEX is only used externally.
    KerbEX is applied using a spray bottle.
    The dog should generally be sprayed once a week. Depending on whether you are out and about with your dog a lot in the forest or on meadows, you should limit the application to a maximum of 2 times a week.
    Shake well before use.
    After spraying, you can significantly increase the effect by rubbing it into the coat.
    Please do not apply to the dog's head area with the sprayer, but by hand, cloth or towel. Do not apply to open wounds or mucous membranes.
    Regular use increases the effect.
    If your dog takes a bath, you should repeat the treatment.

    Duration of use:
    One 300 ml bottle is sufficient for a small to medium-sized dog and for a light infestation for approx. one season.

    Attention: This product is not suitable for cats!

    Dog and cat household: As long as the cat does not constantly cuddle with the dog and lick it, this product is harmless.

    Patented composition: Contains the active ingredient: Icaridin 125 g/L (12.5%) - recommended by the WHO for repelling disease-carrying insects (see Wikipedia Contains: Tea tree, clove, lemon and eucalyptus oil, aqua purificata.