Luposan Joint Power Concentrate Pellets - 675g

Full of energy and freedom of movement with Luposan Gelenkkraft.

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Size: 675g
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  • Gelenkkraft Konzentrat Pellets 675g

    Full of energy & freedom of movement
    Supplementary feed for dogs

    LUPOSANGelenkKraft is a 100% pure complex of vital substances that has been specifically developed to build up and strengthen connective tissue structures.
    Why feed joints? The joint is the movable connection between two or more bone ends with cartilage and joint spaces; it is constantly supplied with synovial fluid. Muscles, tendons and ligaments provide the necessary strength. However, these connective tissue structures are often prone to negative changes due to breeding or posture and, of course, age. In old age in particular, the body loses the ability to produce sufficient cartilage substance - the cartilage is no longer able to store enough water in the joints. Mussel meat extract from the mussel Perna canaliculus is responsible for the formation of cartilage substance, among other things. Puppies and young dogs can already show clear signs of pain and restricted movement.

    30% mussel meat extract from Perna Canaliculus, dried algae mixture, 10% wild salmon meal, malt extract, 7% grape seed concentrate, dried nettle, dried dandelion, 5% acerola cherry extract, dried horsetail, 2% evening primrose oil

    Crude protein 22 %, crude fat 8.5 %, crude fiber 1.85 %, crude ash 19.5 %

    Nutritional additives per kg:
    Vitamins, provitamins and similar substances
    Vitamin C as L-ascorbic acid 20,000 mg

    Amino acids, their salts and analogs
    DL-methionine 2.7 %, DL-lysine 2.6 %

    Feeding recommendation GelenkKraft pellets (daily)
    up to 10 kg body weight 1/4 measuring spoon
    up to 20 kg body weight 1/2 measuring spoon
    up to 30 kg body weight 3/4 measuring spoon
    up to 50 kg body weight 1 measuring spoon
    up to 80 kg body weight 2 measuring spoons