Marstall Mash - 7kg

Marstall Mash with valuable yellow linseed, tasty dried apple pomace, high-fiber bran and many other digestion-promoting pure natural components.

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  • Marstall Mash - 7kg

    Marstall M ash with valuable yellow linseed, tasty dried apple pomace, high-fibre bran and many other pure natural components that promote digestion.

    Marstall Mash is an easily digestible ready-mix that stimulates appetite, digestion and metabolism in a natural way. An ideal snack "with added benefits" - horses love Marstall Mash!

    Based on tried and tested ingredients, the recipe has been consistently further developed in line with the latest nutritional findings and experience. The swelling mucilage of the golden yellow linseed has a positive effect on the stomach and intestinal mucous membranes and supports digestion. In addition, the high proportion of polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acids ensures a wonderful glossy coat when fed regularly.

    A warm mash meal is recommended, for example, for constipation, after worming, operations or foal births, as well as during weather changes, feed changes and during the change of coat in spring and autumn. Thanks to its appetizing effect, Marstall Mash is also ideal for all heavy-footed horses. All horses with bit and chewing problems benefit from the porridge-like consistency, especially senior horses. Mash is also suitable as a restorative feed after periods of physical and mental stress.

    Marstall Mash is produced without the addition of molasses, preservatives or essential oils. No vitamin and mineral complexes are added, making it ideal for use in combination with any veterinary treatment.