Muzzle horse padding - L

Muzzle horse padding is a lambskin padding for the feed regulator

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  • Muzzle horse padding

    The muzzle horsepadding is the lambskin padding for the AS feed regulators and is a medically tanned lambskin, super comfortable for the horses, very easy to handle. You can attach or remove the lambskin from the feed regulator at any time using three press studs. Any small differences in the thickness of the lambskin are natural and do not affect the high quality of this natural product.

    Care instructions: medically tanned lambskin

    Always wash the AS lambskin separately. The fur can be washed at a maximum of 30 degrees on a gentle cycle in the washing machine or by hand. If possible, use a special fur detergent (follow the dosing instructions). To speed up the drying process, the rinse water should be squeezed out as much as possible when hand washing or the fur should be spun at low speeds when machine washing. Never dry with heat or in the sun. Dry slowly and occasionally pull the leather of the coat over a table edge, for example, during drying to make it soft and supple again.

    Note: If you want padding at the top and bottom as desired, you will need 2 pcs.