OKAPI Chia Clickerlis - 400g

OKAPI Chia Clickerlis the very special reward for horses.

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  • OKAPI Chia Clickerlis - 400g

    OKAPI Chia Clickerlis the very special reward for horses.

    400g sufficient for approx. 2 weeks

    Chia Clickerlis - power food for all lessons

    Chia is not only considered a "superfood" in our country, but was already known by the Maya for its positive effect on the intestines and metabolism. It's no wonder that research has now become aware of the small seeds and the first studies have confirmed that chia has positive effects on blood sugar regulation and other metabolic problems in humans (

    Horses also like the small seeds, which are rich in high-quality oils, amino acids and mucilage. In our OKAPI Chia Clickerlis, we combine these "power seeds" with our light summer herbs, which offer a broad mixture of herbs that horses would find in a species-rich pasture. Refined with a little honey, they are a low-sugar yet tasty reward for hard-working circus horses that want to learn much, much more!

    OKAPI Clickerlis are a healthy little reward, specially developed for clicker training or circus lessons.

    They are particularly easy to portion into small pieces - so that you have the right reward size for each horse.

    We also make sure that they are low in calories to avoid overfeeding. This makes our OKAPI Clickerlis particularly suitable for horses with metabolic problems or a tendency to be overweight.

  • Composition
  • Chia, whole apple, herbal mixture (contains: Green oat herb, cornflower; camomile, oregano, peppermint leaves, chervil, lady's mantle, lime blossom, bird's knotweed, chicory, Iceland moss, marjoram, marigold, pansy, willowherb, hawthorn berries, burdock root, mullein, lemon balm, aniseed), honey, guar, ling zhi (Ganoderma lucidum)

    Analytical constituents and contents:

    Crude protein: 12.5%, crude oils and fats: 15.9%, crude fiber: 17.6%, crude ash: 4.4%, calcium: 0.79%, phosphorus: 0.49%, sodium: 0.10%.

  • Feeding recommendation
  • Depending on the horse's basic feed and performance, as a reward or as an alternative to concentrated feed. OKAPI Chia Clickerlis contain only natural ingredients and are lovingly prepared by hand in our bakery. Delicious chia seeds, refined with our popular summer herbs and whole apples, provide extra motivation for eager learning. OKAPI Chia Clickerlis can be easily crushed and are then ideal for circus lessons or clicker training.

    Supplementary feed for horses
    Store in a cool, dry place.