OKAPI leaves and bark - 2.5kg

OKAPI leaves and bark for a healthy supplement to hay and pasture for horses.

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  • OKAPI Leaves and bark - 2.5kg

    OKAPI leaves and bark for a healthy supplement to hay and pasture

    OKAPI Foliage and Bark supplements the basic feed with high-quality bark and leaves, which provide the horse with valuable trace elements, fibers and bioflavones. OKAPI Foliage and Bark should not be fed continuously, but every other week, for example.

  • Composition
  • Blackberry leaves, hazelnut bark and leaves, birch bark and leaves, hawthorn twigs and leaves, ash bark and leaves, cherry stalks, lime leaves, willow bark, walnut leaves, spruce needles, oak bark.

    Analytical constituents and contents:

    Crude protein: 8.1%, crude oils and fats: 2.9%, crude fiber: 24.2%, crude ash: 6.1%, calcium: 1.73%, phosphorus: 0.17%, sodium: 0.05%

  • Feeding recommendation
  • Add dry or moistened to the feed or sprinkle over the hay. Horses receive 50-100g daily (about two handfuls). Ponies receive about half of this amount, depending on their size.

    The horse's digestive system is designed to utilize different plants and plant parts. Hay and pasture grass are standard in most stables today. However, other plant parts that wild horses forage for in bush or forest landscapes are often missing.

    Horses have a very broad food spectrum that includes far more than grass. In addition to various herbaceous plants, they also like to pick berries and other fruits, pick up nuts and nibble on leaves and twigs of various plants. This diet not only provides them with crude fiber, but also important minerals and secondary plant substances that they need for their physiological balance.

    However, not every horse owner or stable operator has the opportunity to fence woodland or scrubland into their paddocks and thus provide the horses with a wide range of natural plants.

    With OKAPI leaves and bark, you can supplement your horse's feed ration with valuable nutrients from nature throughout the year. Sprinkled over the hay or offered in the trough, OKAPI Foliage and Bark is a popular addition to the species-appropriate diet.

    Supplementary feed for horses Store in a cool, dry place.