OKAPI four-season food Spring fever - 2.5kg

OKAPI four-season feed Frühlingsgefühle provides natural support for horses during the spring coat change.

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  • OKAPI four-season feed Frühlingsgefühle

    OKAPI four-season feed Frühlingsgefühle for horses is the natural support during the wet and cold season. Feeding advice: OKAPI Frühlingsgefühle should be given for a maximum of two months at a time in February and March. It is then advisable to switch to OKAPI Weidestart to provide your horse with optimum support during the grazing period. This also accommodates the horse's natural feeding behavior. OKAPI Frühlingsgefühle can be fed dry or moistened. You can also add OKAPI Frühlingsgefühle to concentrated feed, mash or soaked hay cobs. OKAPI Frühlingsgefühle is not a complete feed and must therefore be supplemented with a mineral feed. Please contact us for advice on the optimum mineral supplement for your horse. Feeding recommendation: Horses receive approx. 150g daily. Ponies receive about half this amount, depending on their size.

  • Composition
  • 100% herbal mixture, contains: Green oat herb, chamomile flowers, birch leaves, erica herb, dandelion herb and root, lingonberry herb, Iceland moss, yarrow, deadnettle, artichoke, hay root, bird's knotweed, coriander seeds, milk thistle seeds, bedstraw, parsnip, parsley, couch grass root, water thistle, rose hip seeds, black cumin seeds.

    Analytical constituents and contents:

    Crude protein: 10.1% Crude oils/fats: 3.0% Crude fiber: 23.9% Crude ash: 10.1% Calcium: 0.57% Phosphorus: 0.29% Sodium: 0.06%