OKAPI Vitalcobs - 25kg

OKAPI Vitalcobs for horses for which the nutrient supply through hay feeding is not sufficient for horses.

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  • OKAPI Vitalcobs - 25kg

    OKAPI Vitalcobs for horses for which the nutrient supply from hay feeding is not sufficient.

  • Composition
  • 100% grass and herb mixture, contains: Alfalfa, red clover, white clover, yellow clover, horned clover, caraway, yarrow, wild carrot, ribwort plantain, timothy, meadow grass

    Analytical constituents and contents
    Crude protein: 15%, precaecal digestible crude protein (pcv Rp): 8%, crude oils and fats: 3.3%, crude fiber: 30.7%, crude ash: 10%, calcium: 10.3%, phosphorus: 3.3%, sodium: 0.09%, lysine: 6.1%, sugar::7%, fructan:3%, threonine: 5.3%, methionine: 2.2%

  • Feeding recommendation
  • Horses receive 1 - 2 kg soaked daily. Ponies receive about half the amount, depending on their size.

    Older horses, horses with dental problems or horses that are difficult to feed often do not receive sufficient nutrients when fed hay alone. However, the horse's digestive tract and metabolism are not designed to utilize large amounts of sugar and starch. This severely restricts the feeding of classic concentrates.

    For horses with strictly rationed hay feeding due to metabolic problems, care should also be taken to supplement protein in the ration, as a reduction or thinning out of the hay, e.g. with straw, also reduces the proportion of protein in the ration.The OKAPI Vital Pellets consist of a specially cultivated mixture of particularly nutritious, protein-rich and low-sugar plants that are suitable for supplementing the hay ration for horses.

    OKAPI Vital Pellets are not a complete feed and should therefore always be offered together with a high-quality OKAPI mineral feed in addition to the hay ration.

    OKAPI Vital Pellets are pressed without the addition of adhesives and should be thoroughly soaked in about three times the amount of water until they have completely disintegrated before feeding. Warm water shortens the soaking time.