OKAPI Weidemineral G (S) lick tray - 7kg

OKAPI Weidemineral G (S) lick bowl the practical mineral supply.

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  • OKAPI Weidemineral G (S) lick bowl - 7kg

    OKAPI Weidemineral G (S) lick bowl the practical mineral supply for open stables and pastures.

    7,000g in a lick bowl

  • Composition
  • Calcium carbonate, sodium chloride, monocalcium phosphate, magnesium oxide, sugar beet molasses, magnesium chloride, grape seed meal, green meal

    Analytical constituents and contents:
    Calcium: 19 %, phosphorus: 4 %, sodium: 8 %, magnesium: 5 %

    Nutritional additives per kg:
    8,000 mg zinc (E6) as zinc sulphate,
    4,000 mg iron (E1) as iron (II) sulphate monohydrate,
    5,000 mg manganese (E5) as manganese sulphate,
    2.000 mg copper (E4) as copper (II) sulphate pentahydrate,
    120 mg iodine (E2) as calcium iodate anhydrous,
    70 mg cobalt (3b301) as cobalt (II) acetate tetrahydrate,
    40 mg selenium (E8) as sodium selenite

  • Feeding recommendation
  • The lick bowl can be made freely available in the open stable and on pasture.

    As our mineral feeds only contain a minimal amount of molasses, they are generally only eaten by horses when they actually need minerals.

    This mineral feed may only be fed to horses and ponies up to 120 g per animal per day due to its higher trace element content compared to complete feed.

    A little practical tip:
    Most stable operators put the lick tray in an old car tire - this always happens from time to time or you can sometimes get them free of charge from companies that offer tire changes. Our trays fit exactly into such tires, but be careful: pay attention to the inner diameter of the car tire! There are different sizes. This provides reusable "impact protection".

    In addition to the Okapi Weidemineral G (S) lick bowl, you will find other horse feed products in our store. Okapi products are used and recommended by thousands of satisfied customers every day.

    We would be happy to advise you on the Okapi Weidemineral G (S) lick bowl.

    Okapi horse feed and feed supplements must be stored in a dry place.