PerNaturam 30 Herb garden - 300g

PerNaturam 30 Herb Garden provides a variety of secondary plant substances in equal parts.

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  • PerNaturam 30 Herb Garden

    PerNaturam 30 Herb Garden contains 30 medicinal and aromatic herbs in equal parts, providing a variety of secondary plant substances: Natural antioxidants, enzymes, essential oils and dietary fiber. The secretion of digestive juices is stimulated, the intestinal flora is supported and the immune system is stabilized.

  • Composition
  • Equal parts aniseed, arnica, birch leaves, stinging nettle, buckwheat herb, speedwell, verbena, fennel, lady's mantle, ginkgo, rose hip, camomile, knotweed, mullein, coriander, caraway, bedstraw, lime blossom, dandelion, lemon balm, mint, origanum, marigold, yarrow, ribwort, pansy, thyme, willowherb, hawthorn, horsetail.

    Analytical and contents:

    Crude protein 12.1 %, fat content 5.4 %, crude fiber 25.7 %, crude ash 8.1 %.
    Minerals: Ca 1.08 %, P 0.28 %, Na 0.12 %.

  • Feeding recommendation
  • Dogs up to 5 kg receive 2 g daily with their food. Heavier dogs 3 g per additional 10 kg weight. The small scoop contains 1 g in heaps, the large scoop 3 g in heaps.