PerNaturam Complement Junior - 250g

Puppies and young dogs need special care for their growth and skeletal development.

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  • PerNaturam Complement Junior

    PerNaturam Komp lement Junior - Puppies and young dogs need special care for growth and skeletal development. In relation to their body weight, they eat up to four times as much as an adult dog needs.
    With Komplement Junior you can supplement the increased need for vital substances, minerals and trace elements. We only use natural raw materials.
    Komplement Junior is particularly important for all home-prepared meals, such as fresh meat and canned pure meat.
    Combine Komplement Junior with 30 Kräutergarten and Bauerngarten, PerNaturam essential oils and meat and bone meal.

  • Composition
  • Sunflower lecithin (GMO-free), spirulina, brewer's yeast, ground flower pollen, seaweed meal, moringa leaf powder, algae lime, quinoa germ, agrimonia, rose hip peel. Mangrove algae, paradise nuts.
    All substances are of natural origin.

    Analytical and ingredients

    Crude protein 21.2 %, fat content 16.6 %, crude fiber 5.3 %, crude ash 18.4 %.


    Ca 2.44 %, P 0.85 %, Na 0.39 %, iodine 9.11 mg/kg

    Technical additives

    120 g Siliceous earth, precipitated/E 551.

  • Feeding recommendation
  • Small breeds with a final weight of 10 kg and a dead weight of:

    • 4 kg = 8 g Complement Junior
    • 7 kg = 11 g Complement Junior

    Medium breeds with a final weight of 25 kg are given a weight of:

    • 6 kg = 12 g Complement Junior
    • 10 kg = 17 g Complement Junior
    • 18 kg = 20 g Complement Junior

    Large breeds with a final weight of 50 kg receive at a weight of:

    • 10 kg = 20 g Complement Junior
    • 25 kg = 30 g Complement Junior
    • 40 kg = 35 g Complement Junior

    Please supplement calcium from bones, meat and bone meal or algae lime.