PerNaturam carrot soup - 400ml

PerNaturam Carrot Soup is effective for diarrhea and acute digestive problems.

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  • PerNaturam Carrot Soup - 400ml

    PerNaturam Carrot Soup is cooked for a long time to produce pectins, which are very effective in treating diarrhea and acute digestive problems. The pectins they contain prevent diarrhea pathogens from sticking to the intestinal wall, so that they are transported out of the body as quickly as possible. Pectins also bind excess water.

    According to a tried and tested recipe - just like homemade!

  • Composition
  • Water, carrots, table salt.

    Analytical constituents

    Crude protein 0.3 %, fat content <0.1 %, crude fiber 0.4 %, crude ash 0.9 %, moisture 95 %.


    Ca 0.001 %, P 0.001 %, Na 0.35 %.

  • Feeding recommendation
  • In the case of acute diarrhea, give the soup several times a day as the sole food, depending on the size of the animal, and then approx. 30 minutes before the light diet meal*.
    Feed the soup at room temperature or slightly warmed. To increase acceptance, it can also be mixed with our bone broth.
    * We recommend our CuraCanis gastro-intestinal-pancreas light diet doses

    Cats & dogs:

    ? 5 kg body weight = 10 ml to 200 ml


    from 5 kg body weight = 400 ml - 1200 ml

    10 ml correspond to 1 tablespoon

    Storage recommendation

    Optimum storage temperature up to 20° C. After opening, please store in the refrigerator. Can also be frozen in portions.