PerNaturam Pure Meat Tins Pork Complete - 400g

PerNaturam Pure Meat Pork Complete is fresh meat for your dog.

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  • PerNaturam Pure Meat Pork Complete - 400g

    PerNaturam Pure Meat Canned Pork Completeis fresh meat for your dog. If, exceptionally, this is not permitted, canned food is an alternative. A good source of energy for young growing dogs and for dogs that need to perform. Particularly rich in animal fats and also suitable for allergy sufferers. The animals come exclusively from the Hunsrück region.

    However, PerNaturam does not consider it sensible to produce canned food as a complete feed, as important vital substances are destroyed by heating.

    Complement, farmer's garden vegetable mix, 30 herb garden and oils should be supplemented in the same way as with fresh meat feed.

    The different varieties of PerNaturam pure meat tins therefore only contain animal, no vegetables or cereals. And, of course, no preservatives.

    Please pay attention to the storage temperature - this should not exceed 20° C!

    In the complete mixtures we try to reproduce the prey animal in its entirety, including meat, internal organs, bones, tendons and blood, or we offer a broad cross-section through variety and diversity, which ensures that there are no deficiencies in the basic diet.

  • Composition
  • Meat with rind and cartilage, blood, heart, kidneys, 20 % broth Production

    Pure pork, without preservatives.

    Analytical ingredients

    Crude protein 16.8 %, fat content 12.6 %, crude fiber 1 %, crude ash 0.83 %, moisture 70.1 %.


    Ca 0.05 %, P 0.10 %, Na 0.14 %

  • Recommended use
  • The daily ration of PerNaturam pure meat canned feed should be 2 - 3 % of the body weight, preferably spread over several feedings. Pig complete is a supplementary feed and should be supplemented with complement® sensitiv, Bauerngarten and oils for allergy sufferers.

    Approx. 5 - 10 kg = 0.5 to 1 dose daily

    Approx. 20 kg = up to 1.5 doses of 400 g daily

    Approx. 30 kg = up to 2 doses of 400 g per day

    The exact daily amount of food depends on the breed, age and activity level of your dog.