PerNaturam racing energy (Avis) chickens - 100g

PerNaturam Rennergie for performance, endurance and during convalescence.

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  • PerNaturam Rennergie (Avis) - 100g

    PerNaturam Rennergie for performance, endurance and convalescence. The faster the body is regenerated after a particular exertion such as a race, the more effective the recovery will be. Because then there is more time for training, building up energy and strengthening the body's defenses. The organism, which experiences that it can generously recharge its batteries at the stress limit, trains in a more performance-oriented way. Even in phases when the body is weakened, it needs a carefully balanced nutrient composition. Rennergie Avis supports the body during training, performance and convalescence. The optimized oxygen supply in the body increases overall metabolic activity. The energy supply in the cells is maximized: Creatine is the main supplier of energy for the muscles. L-carnitine is essential for the transport process of fats in the mitochondria. This is where the energy for the cells is released. If there is a lack of L-carnitine, the transport of fat comes to a standstill, resulting in a lack of energy. In nature, snails, worms and insects would provide the amino acids for creatine and L-carnitine. In times of increased demand, supplementing with Rennergie Avis is an easy-to-use, reliable source of energy.

  • Composition
  • Rice germ, taiga root, meadowsweet, spirulina, creatine.

    Analytical constituents

    Crude protein 35.4 %, crude fat 7.6 %, crude fiber 14.1 %, crude ash 8.7 %,


    Ca 0.2 %, P 0.8 %, Na 0.07 %, 0.65 % lysine, 0.29 % methionine.

    Nutritional physiology. Additives per kg

    1,000 mg L-carnitine.

  • Feeding recommendation
  • Add 1 tablespoon of Rennergie Avis to 500 g of moistened basic feed twice a week.