PerNaturam Sanguina - 1kg

PerNaturam Sanguina is an iron-rich herbal mixture to support blood formation.

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  • PerNaturam Sanguina - 1 kg

    PerNaturam Sanguina is an iron-rich herbal mixture to support blood formation. Anaemia due to iron deficiency is a typical consequence of a deficient diet. The consequences of iron deficiency are weakening of the immune system, loss of performance, often the deficiency can be recognized by breathlessness. Iron-containing herbs in Sanguina provide the iron compounds necessary for blood formation. This mixture contains iron-containing herbs; it is particularly important if there are too few red blood cells or haemoglobin, which can be seen from the blood values. More haemoglobin - more oxygen - better deacidification - better performance. Feed Orgamin or seaweed meal to optimize the mineral supply. Another important source is the vegetable mix Hortus. The circulation should often be strengthened in parallel with HerbaCor.

  • Composition
  • Horehound, agrimony, bramble leaves, verbena, watercress, quendel, fennel, elderberries, bloodroot, taiga roots, rowan berries.

    Analytical constituents

    Crude protein 9.4 %, crude fat 5.8 %, crude fiber 27.8 %, crude ash 6.5 %.


    Calcium 1.07 %, phosphorus 0.23 %, sodium 0.03 %.

  • Recommended use
  • Feed 50 to 70 g Sanguina for one horse daily, preferably moistened over the feed. Sanguina herbs are either fed over a limited period of time, for about 4 weeks, or they are fed alternately or together with other PerNaturam herbal mixtures, such as the Solstice Immune Herbs or the HerbaCor mixture.