PerNaturam Swabian Alb mixture - 1kg

PerNaturam Schwäbische Alb-Mischung is an aromatic herbal mix - to strengthen the bronchial tubes and the immune system.

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  • PerNaturam Swabian Alb Mixture - 1kg

    PerNaturam Swabian Alb Mixture is an aromatic herbal mixture - to strengthen the bronchial tubes and the immune system.
    The meadow plants of the Alb have to cope with heat and drought in summer and often with extreme cold in winter. The Swabian Alb mixture contains the typical robust plants of the calcareous grasslands and juniper heaths. Many southern horse breeds are used to similar soils and herb mixtures from their origins. For them, the Swabian Alb mixture is the species-appropriate supplement. The combination of herbs balances out nutrition-related metabolic disorders and helps to activate the body's own immune system, especially in the bronchial area. The aromatic mixture has a particularly positive effect on the mucous membranes, especially the respiratory tract, and activates the immune system. The Swabian Alb blend should be used for indeterminate, dry coughs and dust-allergic reactions as well as for convalescence.

  • Composition
  • Sage, St. John's wort, hawthorn, quendel, origanum, agrimony, lady's mantle, chicory, speedwell, juniper, centaury, mint, camomile and sloe blossom

    Analytical ingredients

    Crude protein 9.7 %, crude fat 4.3 %, crude fiber 23 %, crude ash 7.2 %


    Calcium 1.23 %, phosphorus 0.23 %, sodium 0.03 %

  • Recommended use
  • Depending on the size of the horse, 50 to 70 g (a handful moistened with feed) for 4 to 6 weeks or alternate weekly with other mixtures. As a broad-based mixture, it is particularly suitable for the transitional periods of fall-winter and winter-spring