PerNaturam wood pasture - 1kg

PerNaturam Forest Pasture from forests and hedgerows has always modified the natural diet of horses.

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  • PerNaturam Forest Pasture - 1kg

    PerNaturam Forest Pasture Leaves, bark and fruit from forests and hedgerows have enriched the natural diet of horses since time immemorial. This has simply been forgotten in feeding. Wild horses and horses that have retained their natural instincts will also help themselves over the fence and eat from this supply when out riding, if you let them. Give your horses what they lack with forest pasture: natural vitamins, organically bound minerals and lots of antioxidants.
    Supplements the feed with the feed components of the forest, it is rich in organically bound trace elements and vitamins. Forest pasture helps to better digest energy-rich forage.

  • Composition
  • Birch leaves and bark, oak bark, ash leaves, walnut leaves, beech bark, elderberry leaves, cherry stems, ericaceous herbs, rosehip fruits with seeds, elderberries

    Analytical constituents

    Crude protein 6.2 %, crude fat 3.3 %, crude fiber 32.2 %, crude ash 5.2 %


    Calcium 1.33 %, phosphorus 0.01 %, sodium 0.01 %

  • Recommended use
  • Feed approx. 50 g to 70 g forest pasture per horse per day, preferably moistened over the feed