PharmaHorse Spirulina Powder - 1kg

Spirulina is an algae that is naturally rich in proteins and vitamins.

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  • PharmaHorse Spirulina - 1kg

    PharmaHorse Spirulina for your horse. Spirulina is an algae that is naturally rich in proteins and vitamins. Spirulina is unique in that it contains many nutrients that are good for horses and that no other plant offers. It is also a source of natural vitamin B12. Spirulina from PharmaHorse is organic and therefore has a guaranteed quality.

    Tip: Use spirulina as a care product and supplement it with a cure of about 2 weeks when the resistance is weakened.

    PharmaHorse Spirulina for young horses?

    You can give spirulina to young horses without any problems. Pay attention to the dosage, which must be adjusted according to weight.

    Other spirulina products?

    There are of course other spirulina products available on the market. Always make sure to use it in its pure form. PharmaHorse differs in this purity.

    Please note the following: Apple flavoring, dextrose/dextrose, etc. contain much cheaper raw materials that are mixed. Therefore, do not be misled by other products. Our spirulina contains pure spirulina, without flavorings or additives.

    PharmaHorse products are used by many professional riders and veterinarians. Click here for our references and read the experiences of well-known riders and vets.

    Composition per kg

    Spirulina powder (dried algae) 100% pure (quality approved for human consumption)

    Instructions for use:

    Pony: Care: 1.5 scoops daily Treatment: 3 scoops daily

    Horse: Care: 3 scoops daily Treatment: 6 scoops daily

    1 measuring spoon is ± 10 g

    Storage instructions:

    Store the product in its original packaging in a cool, dry place out of the reach of children.