Sobamin pharmaceutical plant - 150g

Pharmawerk Sobamin feed material to optimize digestion, regulate metabolism and as an immune modulator for a sensitive digestive system.

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  • Pharmawerk Sobamin - 150g

    PharmawerkSobamin straight feeding stuff for digestion optimization, metabolic regulation and as an immune modulator for a sensitive digestive system.

    SOBAMIN® for well-being and high vitality, especially for:
    - digestive disorders
    - poor hair, feather, dandruff or skin quality
    - tendency to diarrhoea

    The natural humic substances contained in SOBAMIN® cover and soothe the nerve endings in the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines and thus support the immune system. SOBAMIN® inhibits the dangerous dehydration of permeable mucous membranes. The intestinal immune system is positively modulated and relieved. Unwanted metabolic products of the body, the intestinal flora and the environment can be bound and transported out of the body. SOBAMIN® therefore makes a significant contribution to maintaining normal physiological conditions. The digestibility of the chyme is improved and its length of stay in the intestine is regulated.