Prob oil - 200ml

Used for sweet itch, skin problems and itching

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  • Prob Oil - 500ml against sweet itch, skin problems, itching

    Prob Oil is used to treat sweet itch, skin problems and itching. We at have had very good experiences with Prob Oil and recommend it to our customers every day. If you have a horse that suffers from summer eczema, for example, and is tearing the whole stable apart with itching, then we can sympathize with you. We are convinced that this oil can help you.

    The tar-containing Prob Oil skin oil offers fast, effective help for the skin of dogs, cats and horses with itching, skin eczema, skin itching and skin problems. Recommended by vets. 100% pure, effective natural product from Sweden

    For use on:
    - for sensitive and irritated skin
    - for sweet itch and wet eczema, furunculosis, fungal infections, mange, mange etc.
    - has a strong disinfectant effect on bacterial foci
    - has an antipruritic effect, effectively stops itching

    Prob Oil Properties:
    - keeps away horseflies, mosquitoes, ticks, mites, vermin and parasites
    - it is not greasy, absorbs quickly into the skin
    - is easy to apply to the skin, even with thick coats
    - has a soothing effect on the skin and is moisturizing
    - does not cause burns in the sun
    - promotes skin regeneration
    - has an antibacterial effect, prevents infections
    - is economical to use and non-toxic

    PROB oil is a special skin oil with wood tar for sensitive, irritated skin and itching. A popular and proven product that effectively stops skin itching with an antipruritic effect. It has a soothing effect on the skin of dogs and horses and is moisturizing. Insects, vermin and parasites avoid Prob products.
    Contains 100% natural ingredients of herbs, roots, oils, pine wood tar and alcohol.
    PROB oil is extremely fluid and economical. One drop of PROB Oil spreads over a fairly large area due to the alcohol.

    Prob oil for horses
    Use the oil on irritated and sensitive skin, on manes and tails in case of itching and pastern problems. It is effectively soothing. The oil is easy to apply and easy to work into the skin, even on thick coats. The oil is extremely economical to use and really penetrates. It poses no risk of burns in the sun.
    PROB oil has a sharp smell of tar, which quickly fades once the alcohol has evaporated. Only apply as much oil as the skin or coat can absorb, no more. The horses remain clean and pure.

    Ideally combine Prob Skin Oil with Prob Tar Shampoo to achieve a great result. Can also be used for puppies and pregnant animals.
    Summertime: For best results, combine Prob Oil with Prob Tar Shampoo and Prob Horse Deo Summer and the summer is saved for horse and rider.
    Sweet itch is a major problem in Icelandic horses, but other breeds are also increasingly affected. If left untreated, it can cause great suffering for the animal. It is advisable to start treating summer eczema before it breaks out, as it is always easier to prevent than to cure fully developed eczema. Ideally, start with the first rays of sunshine in spring. If the itching has started properly, half the tail can be lost within a week. If you start in time, the horse will most likely keep the tail and mane in the fall. If it can be avoided, you should not use an eczema blanket. This is because most horses, not all, do not need an eczema rug.

    Prob Oil for dogs
    If the animal is prone to damp eczema, Prob Oil is excellent. When the first symptoms appear, Prob Oil is applied directly to the area and thus fends off the attack quickly and effectively.

  • Composition
  • Pine Pinus, Marigold Calendula, True Sage Salvia Officialis, Nutmeg Myristica fragr., St. John's Wort Hypericum, Matricum, Nettle Urtica dioica, Olive Tree Olea Europea, Glycerin, Alcohol.

  • Recommended use
  • Remove the tick and drip a drop of oil onto the bite. This closes and disinfects the wound. This prevents moist eczema from developing. A common problem with many dogs.
    It is common for dogs with paw problems to nibble and bite their paws. Prob Oil soothes, breaks the behavior most effectively and the paws stay dry and regenerate faster.
    In combination of Prob Oil with Prob Super Cream and Prob Paw Ointment, the paws can be cared for and kept healthy. Regular use can prevent unnecessary paw problems. In most cases, the oil keeps dogs from licking and scratching. A common problem that always aggravates the situation. The alcohol in prob oil evaporates quickly and acts like a slap on the nose odor-wise, which most dogs don't like and makes them stop licking. This is harmless, even if the dog continues to lick - the oil is non-toxic. It will sting for a moment on open wounds. To prevent burning, we recommend using Prob Super Ointment for a few days until the wounds have healed.

    General application: PROB oil is extremely fluid and economical. Only prick very small holes in the tip of the bottle so that the dosage is not excessive. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.
    1. Ideally, always wash the animal with PROB Tar Shampoo before using PROB Oil.
    2. Apply PROB Oil only to dry skin of coat, paws and tail with a brush or cloth. Initially, for faster results, preferably 2 - 3 days in the morning and evening, but at least once a day until the skin problem and itching has subsided. The irritation usually subsides within a week. Then apply Prob Oil as required. The skin oil can also be diluted with water.
    3. As a preventive measure, the application can be repeated to keep the problems at bay and ensure the animal's well-being.

    PROB skin oil is extremely economical to use and easy to handle, which keeps the total cost relatively low.