ReaVet Urine & Bladder - 80g

Thanks to its finely balanced formula, ReaVet Urine & Bladder supports bladder function in dogs with bladder weakness and the immune system can be strengthened in a natural way.

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Size: 80g
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  • ReaVet Urine & Bladder - 80g

    ReaVet Urine & Bladder is a high-quality, natural powder consisting of pumpkin seed flour, yarrow and other herbs. The finely balanced formula supports bladder function in dogs with bladder weakness and can strengthen the immune system in a natural way. REAVET Bladder Formula is a purely natural product based on important raw materials to support the immune system and bladder function. The natural product can also have a positive effect on the normal function of the prostate gland in male dogs. As dogs get older, their hormone balance changes, which can lead to a slackening of the urinary bladder sphincter muscle in both neutered and non-neutered animals. Bladder weakness and urine leakage are the result.

    • For bladder weakness in dogs
    • Supports normal bladder function & prostate
    • Contributes to a normal immune system
    • Stimulates digestion & appetite
  • Composition
  • Pumpkin seed flour, yarrow herb, bilberry leaves

    Content of additives per kg

    Diatomaceous earth (diatomaceous earth, purified) 150.000mg

    Analytical components

    crude protein 17.32%, crude fat 18.0%, crude fiber 9.5%, crude ash 14.7%

  • Feeding recommendation
  • Our experts recommend the following dosage:

    Dogs per 10kg: 1g daily (1 scoop corresponds to approx. 1g)

    The powder can simply be mixed into the food.