ReaVet Gastric Mild - 500g

ReaVet Magenmild powder for dogs is a balanced mixture of bentonite and brewer's yeast.

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  • ReaVet Stomach Mild - 500g

    ReaVetStomach Mild Powder for dogs is a balanced mixture of bentonite and brewer's yeast. Bentonite is a mineral earth composed of various clay minerals. Due to the montmorillonite contained in the bentonite, the rock flour has a high water absorption capacity. This means that the freely occurring fluids in the digestive tract can be bound by the bentonite, thus positively promoting normal gastrointestinal activity. The brewer's yeast contained in REAVET MagenMild powder is known for its positive effects on the intestinal flora by promoting the proliferation of intestinal bacteria. Brewer's yeast is also said to have positive properties with regard to strengthening the skin, coat, nervous system and muscle tissue - a real all-round talent!

    Used for gastrointestinal and digestive disorders
    Helps to harmonize gastrointestinal activity
    Water-binding properties thanks to montmorillonite
    Has a calming and supportive effect
    Thanks to the balanced mix of bentonite and brewer's yeast, REAVET MagenMild powder for dogs can support both digestion and normal gastrointestinal activity and thus also contribute to normal stool consistency. Our REAVET products are developed in close cooperation with veterinary practitioners, nutrition experts and biologists to support the healthy development of animals.

  • Composition
  • The balanced mix of probiotics in the form of natural yeasts helps to soothe the stomach and intestines. The sensitive active ingredients retain their full biological effectiveness thanks to gentle drying at low temperatures.

  • Feeding recommendation
  • Dogs per 10kg: 2g per day (1 scoop equals 2g)

    Simply mix the recommended amount into the daily food. A practical dosing spoon is included in the scope of delivery.