ReaVet Gastric Mild - 50g

ReaVet Magenmild is a powder composed of beneficial natural mineral clays.

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  • ReaVet Stomach Mild - 50g

    ReaVet Stomach Mild is a powder composed of beneficial natural mineral clays. Bentonite is a mineral earth composed of various clay minerals. Due to the montmorillonite contained in bentonite, the rock flour has the ability to bind liquids as well as harmful substances. This means that freely occurring fluids in the digestive tract can be bound by bentonite, thus positively promoting normal gastrointestinal activity. The stomach powder supports digestion and, by binding gastric juices and stomach acids, can also be used as stomach protection if the cat has heartburn and other stomach problems.

    • For gentle regulation of gastrointestinal activity
    • Supports intestinal health
    • Promotes normal stool consistency
    • Suitable for soft stools

    MagenMild can help to calm the gastrointestinal tract and support normal stool consistency. The powder is produced in Germany and is suitable for all cat breeds and all ages - a high-quality natural product to harmonize your cat's gastrointestinal activity.

  • Composition
  • 100% natural mineral earth

    Analytical components

    0.0% crude protein, 0.0% crude fat

  • Feeding recommendation
  • Our experts recommend the following dosage:

    Cats: ½ scoop per day (½ scoop equals 0.3g)
    Simply mix the recommended amount into the daily food. A practical dosing spoon is included in the scope of delivery.

    Make sure you always provide enough drinking water. If your cat is also given medication, the MagenMild powder should be administered 1-2 hours before or after.