Wildes Land Organic Pure Salmon - 85g

Wildes Land Organic Salmon Pure has a high fish content of 76%, supplemented with valuable salmon oil.

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  • Wildes Land Organic Salmon Pure - 85g

    Wildes Land Organic Pure Salmon has a high fish content of 76%, supplemented with valuable salmon oil. This provides your cat with a species-appropriate, healthy and natural food from controlled organic farming. The salmon provides valuable omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins such as vitamins B6 and B12. The wet food menu contains no grain and only one source of protein. Not only does it taste good to cats, it is also very well tolerated and suitable for cats with sensitive diets. It contains all the necessary nutrients and vitamins for a long, active cat life. As the preventive use of antibiotics is avoided in controlled organic farming and the use of hormones, growth and performance promoters is prohibited, you can be sure that Wildes Land Bio is particularly natural and uncontaminated and supports species-appropriate husbandry of farm animals.

    Feeding recommendation:

    Weight of the cat/amount of food per day
    < 3 kg: 1 - 2 bags
    3 - 5 kg: 2 - 3 bags
    5 - 7 kg: 3 - 4 bags

    The amounts of food given are guidelines and may vary depending on the age, breed and activity of the cat.
    Please always provide your cat with fresh water and feed the food at room temperature.


    Salmon 76%*, broth 21.5%*, minerals 1.5%, salmon oil 1%*
    *from organic production
    Nutritional additives: Vitamin A 1000 i.U, vitamin D3 100 i.U, copper as CU-(II)-sulphate pentahydrate 1.5 mg, manganese from manganese-(II)-oxide 1.5 mg, zinc from zinc sulphate monohydrate 25 mg, selenium as sodium selenite 0.1 mg, taurine 1300


    Crude protein 12.7%, crude fat 8.5%, crude fiber 0.2%, crude ash 1.7%, moisture 72%