Hoof oil Sole hardener oil - 100ml

Hoof Oil Sole Hardener Oil for sensitive hoof soles.

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  • Hoof oil Sole hardener oil

    HoofOil Sole Hardener Oil for sensitive hoof soles. Sole Hardening Oil is the ideal care product for horses with very sensitive horn soles. The oil is also suitable for easing the transition from shoeing to bare hoof. Sole Hardening Oil hardens and thickens the horn substance of the sole and thus prevents inflammation of the hoof skin. At the same time, it maintains the elasticity of the sole, which ensures a functioning hoof mechanism and ideal movement.

    Application: Sole Hardener should be applied to the sole daily for at least four weeks, then as required. If the sole edge is very soft, you can oil it - but only until it has firmed up. Otherwise it will become too hard and, in the worst case, may break off.

    In the case of cloven hooves, you should use the sole hardener until an adequate sole has formed on the hoof again.

    Important: The sole hardener makes the sole harder and thicker and therefore less sensitive. It therefore only works if the sole is protected during treatment. If the sole is worked on during the application of the sole hardener, the sole hardener cannot work.