Hoof oil Thrush oil - 100ml

Hoof oil thrush oil the natural alternative.
Hoof oil

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  • thrush oil - 100ml

    Hoof Oil Thrush Oil the natural alternative. In the case of thrush, putrefactive bacteria break down the frog. The frog is weakened as a result and can no longer fully perform its function in the hoof mechanism or movement process. This can lead to numerous consequential damages, including poor hoof material, hoof cancer or forced hooves.

    Application: To begin with, apply the thrush oil at least once a day. Apply the oil to the ball and frog with a brush. We also recommend using tweezers to insert cloths soaked in thrush oil into the frog, these are included in the order. This prevents dirt and bacteria from penetrating the frog and accelerates regeneration. These cloths should be changed daily.

    The thrush oil must always be used until the entire frog has regenerated and closed. This is the only way to ensure that the thrush does not form again immediately. If the thrush has already turned into hoof rot or hoof cancer is suspected, it is best to use our special oil.

    Important: Please note that successful application of thrush oil is only possible if the horse's stall is clean and cleaned regularly. The supply of water also supports bacterial growth and reduces the hoof's ability to absorb the nourishing oil.

    If your horse is prone to thrush, we recommend using our hoof care oil plus after successful application of the thrush oil for further prevention