Canagan dog food


What really sets Canagan dog food and cat food apart is the origin and excellent quality of the meat and fish. Canagan is a grain-free dog food from organic, species-appropriate husbandry with the best natural ingredients. We are proud to be able to offer you the high quality Canagan products in Switzerland in our range and recommend them in our consultations.

Canaganaward-winning grain-free food for dogs and cats. A natural diet that their ancestors would have hunted in the wild.

Canagan is a family run business from England. The journey began as an independent pet shop and after the search for a high quality dog and cat food, Canagan's own brand was developed after initial experience of importing from America. To this day, Canagan is convinced of the philosophy of offering high quality food only in selected pet shops. That is why you will only find Canagan in selected independent pet shops.